medical device company MERC S.r.l.


Established in 2001, Merc is a consulting company specialized in Medical Devices.
Co-founders Elena Venturelli e Michele Maltese have experience in production and distribution of medical devices and therapy development, with roles in the framework of Regulatory, Quality Assurance, Clinical processes and Marketing.
We can provide a link between the Medical Industry, Health Care Authorities, Distributors and Physicians, taking care of all procedures involving national, regional and local healthcare authorities and other relevant parties.

With our experience can support you to

  • Provide a bridge to the European market
  • Support companies with market development, access, penetration and consolidation
  • Support the R&D during development
  • Monitor the trend of the European medical device world
  • Develop new ideas and technologies applicable to medical devices


We worked in all aspects of product development and marketing across a broad spectrum of clinical areas, including:

  • Cardiology
  • Peripheral Vascular
  • Oncology
  • Orthopaedics

We can assist customers with the definition of marketing strategies for new and existing product, as well as with the identification of market segments, key opinion leaders and distribution models. Choose Merc as your medical device company partner.