Medical Net Working, Merc medical sinergies.


During our 25 years of work in the field of medical devices, we have created a network of relationships with most stakeholders:

  • Suppliers of prototyping and production technologies (electromedical, plastic, metal, coating, sterilization, packaging, etc.).
  • Suppliers of pre-clinical Services: Animal labs, Core labs and Testing labs providing preliminary clinical data.
  • Key Opinion Leaders: We are able to approach the right  KOLs at any stage of a project and involve them in project evaluation and analysis, or in post-market studies.
  • Congresses/Exhibitions where products can be presented
  • European Research Centers and/or Universities willing to collaborate with industries.
  • Distribution partners: we can identify the best distribution channel and support you with the selection of distributors and sales force.
  • Incubators and Potential Investors: we can help you find sinergies and opportunities to start new projects. Whether you’re creating a start-up or expanding your business, we can put you in contact with investors to help fund your endeavor.
  • National Institutions: Regulatory bodies, Competent authorities, Notified Bodies, Investigational Centers, Hospital Administrations